The dress up day is the second episode in little lunch.


it is dress up day at school, and Battie goes extreme as he dresses up as his signature character, Stretcho.


Melanie did not know it was dress up day, until her mum told her THE VERY SAME DAY that it was dress up day. so, she has to wear a apron. but her mum feels bad and lets her take her dog (Rudy) to school. but because of Mrs. Gonsha's 'No Dogs In The School Even If There On Leads Policy' she can't take him in.

Atticus dresses up as a chef.

Tamara dresses up as a world champion athlete - Sponsored By A Big watch company!

Rory forgets to dress up, so he borrows the lollypop mans coat and puts salliva in his hair.

Debra Jo dresses up as a surgeon, though she hates the sight of blood and does not want to be a surgeon, she want to be a principle of a arts school.

cast Edit

Oisin O'Leary as Battie

Madison Lu as Melanie

Olivia Deeble as Tamara

Flynn Curry as Rory

Faith Seci as Debra Jo

Joshua Sitch as Atticus

Heidi Arena as Mrs Gonsha

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