Personality Edit

Rory is by far the cutest. His favorite hobbies include farting, recording farts in his notebook, biting, being annoying and being extremely naughty. Rory has a spot in the principal's office labelled "Rory's spot" because he is in there in trouble very often. He has a funny, weird and kind of stupid personality. Rory is a hilarious character with many lines that crack you up! He is also very forgetful and air- headed- he is also very lazy and doesn't listen to rules or even his classmates (but only sometimes) other times he really comes through and ends up helping his friends and Mrs Gonsha.


  • He likes biting things.
  • He is played by flynn curry
  • He often forgets his lunch.
  • He kissed Debra Jo.
  • Rory is naughty, distracted and so very likeable.
  • He once went to the girl's toilet because they had soap that smelled like peppermint chewy.


Appearance Edit

Rory has short, messy blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears the school polo shirt with school shorts in every single episode, occasionally wearing a vest. Rory doesn't really care about his appearance. He turns up to school looking like he just got out of bed, which in fact he probably did just get out of bed.