Melanie woo (or simply melanie) is a character in little lunch.

Personality Edit


Melanie is the nicest and most self-conscious of the show. She can be very stubborn and likes to stand by her opinion- but will eventually come around. Melanie is very perky but she uses sarcasm a lot. She is a nice person and carries her beloved hanky around everywhere with her- showing that she has a soft, shy side. Melanie is a caring friend to all her class and can make someone feel very relaxed. She is kind to nature and her friends when in need. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't just go along with the crowd. she is kind and intelligent but shy.


  • She loves unicorns.
  • In the book series, her last name was applebum and Debra Jo's was Woo
  • According to atticus, melanie has boney knees.

Appearance Edit

The Melanie has her hair in  braids, pigtails, low ponytails and buns. She likes to do her hair in cute, girly hairstyles and also likes to do Debra Jo's hair. Melanie has black, shiny hair which is straight and usually wears either a school dress with cut off leggings and sneakers/ black school shoes or a red polo shirt with black culottes and sneakers/black school shoes. 

Friends Edit

Tamara, Debra-jo, Battie, Atticus, Rory

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