Debra-Jo is a witty and knowledgeable character on Little Lunch. She is the second smartest student in Grade 5 but is not the best runner and doesn't enjoy sport activities.

Debra Jo is sarcastic and always likes to be right. She really enjoys school and encourages other students to learn more- much to some students dismay. Although she can be annoying sometimes with her smartness and will to talk to Mrs Gonsha as much as possible, Debra-Jo is a fabulous friend who sticks up for them and helps them in sticky situations.

Appearance Edit

Debra-Jo wears red framed glasses and has long brown hair.  She usually wears either the school dress with a cardigan and red stockings or just the school dress. In a few episodes she wears the sports uniform and in the old climbing tree she is seen wearing the winter uniform. Debra-Jo wears a red school hat and has badges on her cardigans, dress or hat. 

Friends Edit

Tamara, Melanie, Atticus, and Battie.

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