Battie is character in Little Lunch.

Personality Edit

Battie is a independent character on Little Lunch. He prefers to be by himself and doesn't like to participate in sport activities. Battie is not known to be athletic, Battie's father says he should be more social and should interact with other people more, which Battie tries hard to do in a few episodes. He is very smart and thinks over things until he knows it's right, which usually takes a long time. Battie is usually introverted but comes out of his shell for a bit a couple of times.

Appearance Edit

Battie always sticks with the uniform code. He wears the school long sleeved red polo shirt with either black school shorts or black school pants. He always wears black school shoes and occasionally wears the school red vest. Battie has short brown/blonde hair. His skin is porcelain coloure

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